Tony Jaques is a prolific writer on Issue and Crisis Management and has been widely published in leading management journals and peer-reviewed publications. Listed here is a selection of writings

How 'non-facts' contaminate issue discourse
Global Media Journal 12 (1) October 2018

Brace for Impact Vol 2
e-book September 2018

We’ve had a data breach. Let’s not tell anyone
Crisis Response Journal 13 (4) August 2018 pp 52-53

What sort of leader are you in a crisis?
Qantas Magazine June 2018

Don't ignore infrastructure crisis warnings
Crisis Response Journal 13(2) February 2018 pp 86-87

What the NRA can teach us about the art of public persuasion
The Conversation, 6 November 2017

What Business Executives can learn from air-crash investigation
CEO Magazine October 2017

Crisis: An equal opportunity risk
Inside Small Business, Spring (Oct) 2017. pp 48-49

‘Mistakes were made’ is not an apology, it’s an evasion of responsibility
Mumbrella,15 August 2017

Are you ready for your nightmare crisis scenario
Australian Dairy Foods August-September 2017 pp 24-17

Why crisis management is a board room responsibility
Better Boards Conference, Brisbane, 30 July 2017 pp 28-29

Why Crisis Management belongs in the executive suite
CEO Magazine 18 June 2017

New leadership needed for crisis management
Business First Magazine, May-June, 2017 pp 64-65

It's time to rethink crisis management
Communication Director Vol 1, March 2017 pp 37-39

Why top executives need to rethink crisis management
Security Solutions January 2017 pp 60-63

Accounting for crises
Accounting Technician, January 2017, pp 10-11

Struggling to manage a food recall crisis
Crisis Response Journal December 2016, 12(2) pp 25-27

How secure are security guards.pdf
Security Solutions, August 2016, pp 32-35

Crisis Proofing: How to save your company from disaster
Oxford University Press, 2016

Moving crisis management from war room to board room 
Crisis Response Journal, September 2016, 21(1),  pp 49-50

Coping with crisis
FMCG Magazine, July 2016

Brace for Impact
E-book August 2016

Cadbury and pig DNA: When issue management intersects with religion
Corporate Communications: An International Journal 2015, 20 (4), pp 468-482

Cybersecurity takes centre stage as a security risk
Security Solutions May-June 2015 pp 87-88

Media coverage of 'anti-science:' are some issues beyond legitimate debate?
IPRA Thought Leadership Essay, May 2015

Issue and Crisis Management: Exploring issues, crises, risk and reputation
Oxford University Press, 2014.

Reputation risks lurk in the supply chain
Business Solutions, June 2013, 30 pp 52-54 

The Leadership role in crisis prevention
In Andrew DuBrin (ed) The Handbook of Research on Crisis Leadership in Organizations (2013) New York: Edward Elgar, pp 270-289

Ensnared in a gay health controversy: a comparative study in responding to issue activism
Journal of Public Affairs, 2013, 13(1) 53-60

Coal seam gas in Australia: can activists be effective from the margins?
(with Chris Galloway)
Asia Pacific Public Relations Journal, 13(2) pp 35-44

Crisis Leadership: A view from the Executive Suite
Journal of Public Affairs, 2012, 12 (4), pp 366-372

Is the CEO really the best crisis spokesperson? Four myths exposed
CEO Magazine, April 2012 pp 10-12

Is Issue Management evolving or progressing towards extinction?
Public Communication Review, 2012, 2 (1) pp 35-44

Crisis Prevention not a Priority say Australian CEOs
CEO Magazine, January 2012, pp 13-15

Issues Management as a Strategic Aspect of Crisis Prevention
In B. Olaniran, D. Williams and W.T. Coombs (Eds) 2012. Pre-crisis Planning, Communication, and Management: Preparing for the Inevitable. New York: Peter Lang Publishing, pp 17-35

Barriers to Effective Crisis Preparedness: CEOs assess the challenges
Asia-Pacific Public Relations Journal, 2011, 12(1)

Crisis Management: Thinking beyond business continuity
CIO magazine, May/June 2011 pp 10-11

Issue Management: Changing Risks, Changing Expectations
In Craig Pearce (ed) Public Relations 2011: Issues, insights, ideas
E-book Published online March 2011, pp 27-28

Managing Issues in the Face of Risk Uncertainty: Lessons 20 years after the Alar Controversy
Journal of Communication Management. 2011, 15 (1) pp 41-54

Crisis Management: A new strategic challenge for Security?
Security Solutions, July 2010 pp 48-52

Embedding Issue Management: From process to policy.
In R. L. Heath (Ed.), The Sage Handbook of Public Relations (Second Edition) (pp. 435-446). Newbury Park, CA: Sage

Reducing risk and protecting reputation
FINSIA InFinance, March 2010, 124 (1) pp 46-48

Reshaping crisis management: the challenge for organizational design
Organizational Development Journal, 2010, 28(1) pp 9-17

Embedding Issue Management as a strategic element of Crisis Prevention
Disaster Management and Prevention. 2010, 19(4) pp 469-482

Crisis Management: Moving the Emphasis from Response to Prevention
Insurance and Risk Professional, August-September 2009 pp 90-92

Issue and Crisis Management: Quicksand in the Definitional Landscape.
Public Relations Review. 2009, 35 (3) pp 280-286

Issues and Crises: the challenge of change
Corporate Public Affairs, 2009, 19 (2), pp 7-9

The case for case studies: optimizing the use of communication cases.
PRism 6(1) May 2009

Learning from Past Crises – Do iconic cases help or hinder?
Public Relations Journal, 3 (1), 2009. PRSA, New York. 

Issue Management as a post-crisis discipline: Identifying and responding to issue impacts beyond the crisis
Journal of Public Affairs, 9 (1), 2009 pp 35-44

Integrating Issue Management with Strategic Planning: Unfulfilled promise or future opportunity?
International Journal of Strategic Communication, 3 (1), 2009 pp 19-33

Howard Chase: The Man who Invented Issue Management
Journal of Communication Management, 12 (4), 2008 pp 336-343

A case study approach to issue and crisis management: schadenfreude or an opportunity to improve?
Journal of Communication Management, 12 (3), 2008 pp 192-203

When an Icon Stumbles – The Ribena Issue Mismanaged
Corporate Communications: An International Journal, 13 (4), 2008 pp 394-406

Issue or Problem? Managing the difference and averting crises.
Journal of Business Strategy, 28 (6), 2007 pp 25-28

Issue Management and Crisis Management: An Integrated, Non-linear, Relational Construct
Public Relations Review, 33 (2), 2007 pp 147-157

Activist "Rules" and the Convergence with Issue Management
Journal of Communication Management, 10 (4), 2006 pp 407-420

Issue Management: Process versus Progress
Journal of Public Affairs, 6 (1), 2006 pp 69-74

Systematic Objective Setting for Effective Issue Management
Journal of Public Affairs, 5 (1), 2005 pp 33-42

Using Best Practice Indicators to Benchmark Issue Management
Public Relations Quarterly, 50 (2), 2005 pp 8-11

Issue Definition: the Neglected Foundation of Effective Issue Management
Journal of Public Affairs, 4 (2), 2004 pp 191-200

New Language needed to help move Issue Management onto the offensive
Asia-Pacific Public Relations Journal, 5 (1), 2004 pp 43-53

Issue Management: Why does it have to be an ethical challenge?
Asia-Pacific Public Relations Journal, 4 (1), 2002 pp 25-31

Towards a New Terminology: Optimising the Value of Issue Management.
Journal of Communication Management, 7 (2), 2002 pp 140-147

Developments in the Use of Process Models for Effective Issue Management
Asia-Pacific Public Relations Journal, 2 (2), 2000 pp 125-132

Other Writings

Don’t Just Stand There – The Do-it Plan for Effective Issue Management
Monograph. Issue Outcomes P/L, Melbourne, 2000

The Brilliant Evolution of Issue Management
In Today’s Public Relations: An introduction. (Eds) Robert L. Heath and W. Timothy Coombs. Sage Publications, New York, 2006

Refocusing Issue Management: Bridging academic and practitioner perspectives
PhD Thesis, RMIT, Melbourne, August 2008

"Managing Outcomes"

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